StayDry™ Pre Drop

Pre-Drop StayDry Pre Drop is a waterproof lick powder nutritional supplement for cattle and sheep. It is a self-limiting supplement designed to alleviate deficiencies and imbalances of macro minerals, trace minerals as well as key vitamins and carotenoids prior to calving and lambing. StayDry Pre Drop aims to improve the quality of colostrum, reduce calving and lambing difficulty and increase survival and growth rates in offspring.

Pack size: 20 kg bag

WHP: Nil

ESI: Nil

Antibiotic free

Hormone free

Grain free

Urea free  

The StayDry™ product range is owned and manufactured by DSM Nutritional Products Australia Pty Limited. Bayer Australia Limited’s Animal Health business offers a technical service to support the StayDry product range. For any technical questions about the StayDry products please contact the Bayer Grow customer care line on 1800 678 368. For any product related issues please contact DSM on +61 2 6922 7015.