Racumin Blocks

Racumin Blocks Racumin Mouse and Rat Blocks are ready to use. It is an economical anticoagulant product which requires repeated feeding over several days by the rodents to achieve control. In this way rodents do not become shy of the bait as may happen with acute baits. Pets and farm animals are at minimal risk as they are unlikely to gain repeated access to the bait.

Ready to use
Targets rodents with minimal risk of secondary poisoning to pets or wildlife
Suitable for damp areas
Formulated from a weather resistant substance making this product ideal for damp locations, including sewers and drains
Suitable for hard to reach areas
Highly palatable - no bait shyness
Block has hole - allows it to be tied or hung
Manufactured with a central hole so they can easily be tied with wire into bait stations etc.
Low risk to pets and farm animals
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
No secondary poisoning
Registered for macadamia, sugar cane and pineapple plantations
AQIS approved (for non product areas) in export meat establishments
Contains Bitrex - a human taste deterrent
Registered for field crop use
Shelf Life - MINIMUM 2 YEARS