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Recommended Uses

For the control of body lice (Bovicola ovis) on shorn sheep up to 7 days off-shears and unshorn lambs up to 3 months of age. Zapp also protects against the establishment of lice populations if treated sheep are exposed to re-infestation within 12 weeks of treatment.

Zapp Pour-on is an insect growth regulator (IGR) pour-on lousicide for the control of sheep body lice. It prevents the development of immature lice present in the fleece at the time of application and those that hatch from eggs in the following 20 weeks. Zapp produces a rapid decline in lice numbers with adult lice dying by 14 weeks after treatment. Zapp gives total control of the lice population by affecting the moulting process of juvenile lice. As juvenile lice die from exposure over several weeks, adult lice die of old age.


Powerful – Effective against all strains, including those resistant to synthetic pyrethroids.
Effective – 100% effective against lice, with 12 weeks protection from reinfestation.
Convenient – Easy backline application.
Strategic – 2 month Wool Withholding Period for flexibility when shearing or selling.
Economical – One 22L pack treats 1,100 50kg sheep.
User Friendly – Low mammalian toxicity.
Flexible – Rainfast – not affected by moderate rainfall either before or after application.

·                            Sheep can be treated up to 7 days after shearing.

·                            Short 4 week quarantine period for mixing treated and lice free sheep.

·                            Treatment of lambs up to 3 months of age.

·                            Safe to use during pregnancy and lactation.

Active Constituents

25 g/L Triflumuron

Physical Characteristics

Clear blue solution.




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