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The information provided below about infant formula should be considered only if breast milk substitutes are considered necessary.

Breast milk is best for babies. Professional advice should be followed before using an Infant Formula. Introducing partial bottle feeding could negatively affect breastfeeding. Good maternal nutrition is important for breastfeeding and reversing a decision not to breastfeed may be difficult.

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Novalac is a range of nutritionally complete specialised infant formulas which feed , while helping to manage common infant feeding problems.  

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For information about common infant feeding problems, visit the Infant Feeding Problems website

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Novalac Range

What is it used for?


- helps decrease wind and bloating that may contribute to colic symptoms


- relieves the discomfort of constipation by producing softer stools which formmore frequently


- rehydrates by replacing fluids and electrolytes while feeding, short term use only

Sweet Dreams

- designed to provide a longer-lasting feeling of fullness in infants who wake often due to hunger


-can help reduce frequency of reflux

Gold Stage 1

- gives babies 0-5 months a full range of vitamins and mineralsand other requirements

Gold Stage 2

- gives babies 6-12 months a full range of vitamins and minerals and other requirements


- specially formulated for bottle fed infants at risk of developing allergies