Baycox Poultry

Baycox Coccidiosis is one of the more common and costly diseases in poultry. But it can be quickly and effectively controlled with Baycox Poultry. Infected birds may stop eating but they will continue to drink, so Baycox Poultry is applied as a water medication – the preferred treatment regime for coccidiosis. The death rate in poultry from Coccidiosis can be quite high, both in chicks and in adults, and so add a bottle of Baycox Poultry to your health kit today. Baycox Poultry offers a unique formulation that differs considerably from Baycox Piglet. This formulation includes an ingredient that makes it unpalatable for animal species other than poultry.

Works against all important Eimeria species and intracellular stages of coccidian
Compatible with most commonly-used feed additives and medicants
Does not interfere with the development of stable immunity
Water-based treatment, the preferred treatment regime for coccidiosis for easy administration
Fast and effective control to minimise economic losses
High safety margin. Does not reduce feed and water intake, or depress growth rate and feed conversion