Advantage for Dogs

Product Image Advantage is the fastest relief from fleas for dogs and not only kills fleas fast, it acts on multiple flea stages to rid infestations too. Advantage is a fast way to a flea-free home. An easy-to-use spot-on, Advantage is applied monthly. Its super ingredient stops fleas biting within 3 to 5 minutes and kills both adult fleas and larvae within 20 minutes. Since Advantage works on contact so fleas don’t need to bite, dogs suffer fewer painful flea bites, reducing outbreaks of Flea Allergy Dermatitis. Advantage is the only flea product you need as it breaks the flea lifecycle. Advantage kills fleas in your dog’s surroundings - your home - and provides protection for your dog when it comes into contact with other pets that have fleas. Safe for puppies of any age, Advantage provides month long protection, controls lice and is water-resistant when combined with a soap-free shampoo.





Advantage. The best protection from Fleas.



Advantage is easy to apply - you simply squeeze the pre-measured dose onto the back of your pet's neck. Advantage then spreads over your pet, remaining in the oily layer of the skin, where it is effective against fleas all month long. Best of all, fleas don't have to bite your pet to be affected, so with Advantage your pet suffers less of those painful flea bites.



The top 5 advantages of Advantage:



  • Kills fleas fast: Advantage kills 100% of existing fleas within 12 hours of application and keeps killing fleas within 20 minutes of contact.
  • Stops fleas biting: Advantage stops fleas from biting within 3-5 minutes.
  • Larvicidal effect: Proven ability to destroy 99% of flea larvae in the pet's surroundings.
  • Waterproof: Advantage remains effective even if your pet goes swimming or is bathed and shampooed.
  • Safety: Advantage is so gentle you can use it on puppies and kittens and on pregnant and lactating animals. Advantage is also safe to use on rabbits and ferrets.


Advantage is available in 4 and 6 month packs from your veterinarian.


Active Constituents

100 g/L Imidacloprid

Physical Characteristics

Clear liquid



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