QuickBayt Spray

QuickBayt Spray pack shot A water dispersible granule which can be mixed with water and sprayed onto surfaces where it attracts and kills certain species of pest flies - fast! It can be applied to a range of different surfaces both indoors and outdoors (in areas out of reach of children and animals) to kill flies quickly on surfaces where conventional scatter baits can't be used. Visit www.environmentalscience.bayer.com.au to download label and SDS.

Wide use areas on label
Fast knockdown - kills flies on contact within minutes, including those resistant to other chemicals
Sprayable solution
Contains a fly pheromone as an attractant to lure and kill
Unique activity of formulation
Water dispersible for easy spraying in out of reach areas
Specialised attractants in formulation
Virtually invisible for indoor and outdoor application
Spot spray or paint, saving application time and volume usage
User friendly and convenient not a scheduled poison
Excellent residual - results visible for 4 - 6 weeks