K-Obiol EC Combi

K-Obiol EC logo A synergised grain protectant for use on all cereal grains including malting barley, rice, maize and sorghum. Use on uninfested grain in any type of storage, sealed or unsealed. It is suitable for use by grain growers and grain accumulators. K-Obiol may only be used if you have done the on-line training and have become an Approved User. The training covers the correct and safe use of the product, steps to minimize insect resistance developing and to ensure grain is not over treated. K-Obiol for use on-farm is in a 5L pack, which treats 250 tonne of grain. Visit www.environmentalscience.bayer.com.au to download label and SDS.

A synergised grain protectant for use on all cereal grains including malting barley and sorghum. Active ingredients: 50g/l deltamethrine, 400g/l piperonyl butoxide (synergist). Pests include: weevils, grain borer.

K-Obiol Combi has been used by bulk grain handlers since the late 1990s. With increasing insect resistance to other grain protectants, the grain industry has been keen for other options to be available for use on farms and the non-bulk grain storages. Bayer has implemented a Product Stewardship Program for K-Obiol with the acceptance of the grains industry. The main objective of the Program is to ensure grains are only treated once with K-Obiol.
The key feature of the Program is that product is only available to Approved Users who have completed training in its correct use and who operate to an acceptable quality assurance program with an annual audit.
K-Obiol should be used on uninfested grain and is not suitable for oil seeds and pulses.