Wednesday - August 10, 2016

Renowned “Parasites: Life Undercover” Exhibition now in Brisbane, Australia

Bayer showcases over 100 years of parasitology expertise and commitment in a comprehensive exhibition that has been on tour since 2000

Undetected, undesired, yet unexcelled. Masters of a hidden universe - parasites are champions in evolutionary terms. Parasites: Life Undercover exhibition takes visitors into their incredible microcosm, evoking both fascination and revulsion. Come face to face with a giant mosquito, get up close to more than 50 original parasite specimens and take a look at how a parasite-host relationship works with over 30 displays.

The exhibition opens with free entry today at the Queensland Museum + Sciencentre and continues until 29 January 2017.


Take a peek inside:

The Parasites: Live Undercover exhibition is a compelling showcase of Bayer’s commitment to “Science For A Better Life”, and complements the company’s ongoing educational efforts on canine vector-borne diseases.

Parasites: Life Undercover was developed by the Museum of Natural History Berlin Germany with support of Bayer and the Australian Society of Parasitology.

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