Tuesday - November 06, 2018

Diversity and Inclusion key to Bayer’s business approach

"By fostering a more inclusive workforce and allowing differences to be heard, we are creating a safe and more tolerant environment for our people to thrive and for innovation to grow,” said Isadore Payne, Head of Human Resources for Bayer ANZ.


Making sure that all our people’s voices are heard and valued not only helps attract and retain the best people, but it also helps us deliver better approaches for our customers and for our own organisation.”


Bayer employees represent the breadth of Australian and New Zealand industry, from agriculture and animal health through to human health and ethical medicines. They are helping design the program that is focussing on four specific areas:


·         Gender Diversity – building a gender-inclusive workforce and supporting advancements in career development and leadership to ensure gender equality exists across all levels


·         Diversity Celebration - continuing to build and support the diversity that exists in Bayer here and globally


·      Reconciliation with our Indigenous Community –committing to actions to ‘close the gap’ for Indigenous people across Australia and New Zealand


·      Community Engagement - connecting with and supporting the communities in which we live and work.



Meshlin Khouri, Head of Communications at Bayer explained, “Bayer’s business is diverse and so are our people. With almost 90 nationalities, an equal split in genders, and an age range from university graduate to post retirement age represented by our employees, our program recognises the many backgrounds, experience and points of view that our people bring to creating a great place to work.”


“Trust is a critical success factor for businesses to thrive, and at Bayer, solutions for tomorrow will be realised through different and unique approaches which we are yet to discover."


“Bayer understands that a commitment to fostering and cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion can make great things happen. Embracing differences in our employee base will not only benefit the internal workplace, it is also good for business and customers.”



For more information contact:

Meshlin Khouri


0409 479 251