Wednesday - February 28, 2018

Transfers of Value to Healthcare Professionals

Bayer is a strong advocate of the pharmaceutical industry’s ongoing efforts to increase transparency around its business.

As a long-standing member of Medicines Australia, we provide full transparency on all our financial relations with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations in line with our organisational values. As part of this process we have provided a comprehensive list of payments (transfers of value) made to healthcare professionals for medical education, which is focused on achieving better health outcomes for Australians.


We are committed to working in partnership with healthcare professionals to provide access to the latest advances in the therapeutic areas in which we operate including cardiology, oncology, gynaecology, haematology and ophthalmology.


Two major global congresses, the European Society of Retina Specialist’s Euretina 17th Edition and the European Society of Cardiology Congress, that educate ophthalmologists and cardiologists on the latest science information and research occurred in the last reporting period, which resulted in an increase of the reported value as compared with earlier periods with clearly lower reported amounts.


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most regulated in the world and this applies also to the relationships it has with healthcare professionals.