Friday - May 03, 2013

YAZ and Yasmin

At Bayer we take the safety of our medicines very seriously and always closely collaborate with the respective health and regulatory authorities, as well as medical professionals, to exchange all relevant information concerning the use and the benefit-risk profile of our products.

All medicines, including contraceptives, carry benefits and risks.

The very small risk of clots with all combined oral contraceptive pills (COCs) has been recognised for many years.  This is clearly outlined in the Product Information (PI) supplied to doctors, and the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) supplied to women prescribed the pill.

Several large studies (in the US and Europe) have shown that the risk of a clot during pregnancy and after delivery (the postpartum period) is considerably higher than during the use of an oral contraceptive pill (COCs).

Women who smoke, are obese, immobile, or have a personal/ family history of clotting disorders, have an increased risk of clots.

All prescribing doctors should be aware of these small risks, and will need to take them into consideration when discussing and prescribing the most appropriate contraceptive for a woman.

Any woman who is concerned about her medicine should speak to her doctor.