Education and Research

In the ANZ region, we support youth agricultural education programs through partnerships with the CSIRO, Future Farmers Network (FFN) and Nuffield Australia among others.

Youth Ag-Summit

Youth Ag-Summit logo

The Youth Ag-Summit is a global youth conference to inspire and connect the next generation of young leaders in agriculture and related disciplines. At the Summit, 100 young leaders aged 18 to 25 from all around the world meet to share perspectives and create an open dialogue on one of the world’s most challenging questions: how to feed a hungry planet? The Youth Ag-Summit forms part of the Agricultural Education Program and aims at raising awareness for food and farming all over the globe.


Post-Doctoral training

As part of the GRDC-Bayer Herbicide Innovation Partnership, a total of 33 two-year post-doctoral training positions will be created. Drawn from Australia and New Zealand, these researchers will gain firsthand experience in advanced industrial chemical research that will serve Australian research in future years.


CSIRO Agriculture Vacation program

Each year, around 20 university students are given the opportunity to work on research projects with the CSIRO Agriculture division that is supported by Bayer. Students gain a real life experience of advanced agricultural research.


Longerenong College scholarship

Bayer provides a scholarship to aspiring students attending Longerenong College.